lauantai, 10. kesäkuu 2017

Golden Goose IT to get the last bottle

Although still a teenager, Dunn doesn’t do modelling just for fun — she is a career woman with a gruelling schedule.With three five a.m. starts during London Fashion Week, she squeezed this interview in between her last catwalk show in London and her flight to Milan for the next round of shows.

Since 1994 when the famed French fashion house released Vamp, to great praise and success, they have instigated most of the major nail trends in fashion. Few will forget the hysteria that came after the Fall 2009 collection when they debuted Jade, and similarly colors such as Rouge Noir and Kaleidoscope have become hot items online as fans rush Golden Goose IT to get the last bottle.

Last but not least, a glass of cold champagne isa great accessory. But you don’t need to be holding one in every single Instagram shot – gates open at 11 a.m., so pace yourself if don’t want to be stricken by the dreaded 3 p.m. hangover. 

lauantai, 10. kesäkuu 2017

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